Design your own kicks – PREMIUM


Design your own premium custom shoes.

The artist will work with you to achieve the most premium custom shoes possible.
Every custom pair can include if required:

  1. Quality custom artwork
  2. A full day dedicated to your shoes by the artist
  3. Digital concept artwork
  4. Colour matched laces
  5. Shoe lace aglets and colour coded lace locks
  6. Specialty features where required such as heat reactive, reflective, glow in the dark, glitter etc etc
  7. Custom names or numbers
  8. Mad Alice custom gift bag
  9. Communication with the artist before painting begins to discuss your expectations and design ideas


  • A premium order does not guarantee immediate start, you will still be entered into the current queue.
  • You are commissioning custom artwork that is painted by hand using paint brushes and airbrushes.
  • We can not guarantee that a hand painted design will look identical to a digital one just as a painted canvas does not look like a printed poster.
  • If you are looking for a perfectly printed design this is not what we offer.
  • Every pair is hand painted by experienced artists however there will be some imperfections and as careful as we are there may occasionally be spots of paint out of place.
  • We will paint the mid-soles if requested and we can do full colour changes and dyes however please beware that these requests fall outside of our satisfaction guarantee
    and can not be exchanged or refunded.

NB: We are NOT affiliated with any other shoe company or brand. Every shoe is lawfully purchased at full retail.
We then add our own custom artwork before selling.


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